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Song of the day – 7: Kate Nash

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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I’m really not sure if… well, y’know. If I heard this straight up without knowing the artist, would I like it? FUCK YEAH. And knowing the artist? FUCK YEAH!  It’s very Breeders, isn’t it?

Now someone… send me the bloody album!!

0 Responses to Song of the day – 7: Kate Nash

  1. kicking_k February 23, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    very scout niblett, too. good for her.

  2. Jerry March 8, 2010 at 11:44 am

    (from Facebook)

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    Deniz Martinez
    You asked someone to send you the bloody album…er, can't you just ask Ryan from the Cribs to hook you up? Aren't you buddies with him? You do know that he's Kate's boyfriend, right? LOL…
    23 February at 16:24 ·

    Chris King
    Love it!
    23 February at 17:05 ·

    Ian Edward Wade
    Oh dear
    23 February at 17:58 ·

    Simon Bridger
    I don't get it, isn't she Lily Allen in disguise, horrible horrible music.
    The Cribs also, one of those nu breed rubbish 'Indie' bands with a faded guitar hero desperate to recapture his glory days or am i suffering from dementia!
    23 February at 18:05 ·

    Simon Bridger
    Just listened to "I just love you more", don't think you can go from "Mouthwash" to that without it being extremely contrived at best.
    No different to me from Simon Cowell manipulating things, just means she's been manipulated by someone with slightly better taste.
    23 February at 18:13 ·

    Chris King
    This is her very first indie 45, prior to signing to a major & hiring Bernard – 'Duffy producer' – Butler to add commercial gloss. Not such a leap from this.

    23 February at 18:23 ·

    Neil Griffin
    i really liked 'Caroline's a Victim'. and not so much after until – maybe, to some degree, this latest.
    generally speaking, even if i don't often like lily, amy or kate's music, i'm glad they're out there being characterful. much better role models than most (esp if fans + followers learn from their mistakes).
    23 February at 19:00 ·

    Chris King
    Neil – Absolutely!
    23 February at 19:06 ·

    Simon Bridger
    Hmm, interesting Chris. Still find it quite contrived, 'Aladdin Sane' 'product placed' on the floor, All Stars carefully in shot, old tape player, Human League synth sound without the aggression of The League.
    Think Pulp did this sorta retro thing spot on with 'Razzamataz' video & tune, mainly because it came across as genuine, what Jarvis really was in to, i can see people like BB behind the scenes telling her what she should have in the video etc, Pop will eat itself(not the band)!
    23 February at 19:10 ·

    Chris King
    Ah BUT BB wasn't involved then (this was her debut on a small label Moshi Moshi Records) & I know you don't mean it in anyway 'sexist' but I'm sure she is quite capable of having her own ideas.
    23 February at 19:15 ·

    Simon Bridger
    Absolutely Chris, was in no way meant to be sexist more talentist.
    That's the crux of the matter i guess, is she capable of having her own ideas, my view is probably not any good ones as i don't think she has any talent, on the other hand clever trendy types behind the scenes do have ideas, the question is are they genuine.
    23 February at 19:18 ·

    Chris King
    I think I need to get on with daughter's breakfast & take a break from FB!
    23 February at 19:20 ·

    Michael Baggs
    Can't blame Butler. All Kate's early gigs were her playing on a piano and singing along, those songs made up her début. No one hid the distortion pedals and forced her to write awful lyrics about her boyfriend's friend's being fitter.
    23 February at 20:29 ·

  3. Jerry March 8, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    (from Facebook)

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    Chris King
    Is fantastic. Ignore all the haters.
    01 March at 18:00 ·

    Claire 'Kwak' Welles
    only snobs & nobs hate the nash!
    01 March at 22:57 ·

    Andrew Hitchcock
    Oh you like her now its got guitars in Jerry, how very mojo magazine. It is good though isnt it and I'm so pleased she has managed to overcome that dreadful lowerclass accent she used to have.
    02 March at 02:28 ·

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