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Song of the Day #695 – Carriages

Song of the Day #695 – Carriages
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Sometimes the best moments, the best ways to find something new, the best opportunities in which you find yourself surprised and wonder how you’ve missed something so good, happen when a friend says, “Hey, check this out.”

Instantly you fall all over again. Your head is over your heels, you’ve fallen head over heels, you feel like a heel for not digging deeper and being the one to say “Hey, check this out” yourself.

Carriages from Bristol…what an amazing town, they have their very own money, like Bristol dollars or pounds or whatever monetary system you use. It has the Cafe Kino, My Little Owl Presents, the birth place of trip-hop, bands like Two White Cranes, Trust Fund, Personal Best. It has Rocker Rosehip, and it’s home to my pal Garreth who loves Christmas sweaters and Shonen Knife.

It’s an amazing town, and it’s no wonder it helped create in some way this song “Sabre”. I tend to hate songs over three minutes and this sloth-like beast is almost six minutes, however when a song goes over seven minutes it’s…it’s all golden again. I just want this on a loop playing over and over, no pauses, no tape warble, no tape gurgle, or hisses, just a constant loop. A song so unassuming yet so…ughhhhhhh…so…withstanding to all that is around. I might just be on like this today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe it’s the last thing I’ll have in my head on my death bed. Who knows. But for right now it’s all I can do to even think of anything else.

Carriages, if you never do anything else, be proud to have at least made this. What it sound like…it sounds like a build up, but not an explosive build up, more like condensation on a window pane. The more it builds up the less you see, but at the same time the more you see around it.

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