Song of the Day #694 – Junglepussy

Song of the Day #694 – Junglepussy
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By Virginia Henslizley

Brookyln’s Junglepussy ain’t just a rapper – she’s a healing property. Her iridescent skin consistently drenched in essential oils or sweat, her commanding stature and commanding words; she stands at six-foot tall, her raps contain motifs from her personal teachings, with her debut release Satisfaction Guaranteed playing out like a self-help guide empowering women to eat, date, text and to generally execute their lives to Junglepussy’s standards.

When I listen to Junglepussy I pay close attention to my calorie intake, I find myself moisturising more, progressing more efficiently, approaching men more carefully, embracing the feminine more fiercely. After a long stint following the 22-year-old rapper’s teachings on social media I paid close attention to dates for her debut release and I knew disappointment was not an outcome likely to follow the debut of a self-promoted perfectionist.

On the whole, black feminism is the name of the game. Junglepussy incites that being a young black female is an exclusive club, an enduringly chic trend, and an untouchable secret society – the ultimate honour. And surely, she’s onto something – in her tropical interpretation of NYC everything is slinky and seductive, aggressively ambitious, independent, triumphant.

There’s no window for failure when Junglepussy mans the mic, when she states “How dope is this? Teach you how to grow and live.” It’s less of a statement and more the words of an impatient mother closely inspecting her spawn to ensure they live life to its fullest potential. Junglepussy is not judgmental, she cares; even when she’s berating you for eating McDonalds because she “knew ya didn’t love yourself” it’s out of a kind of maternal concern. In terms of female rap her voice is warm and inviting, her messages are spewed out by thousands via social media as though she’s a kind of cult leader.

If Junglepussy is the highest of all teachers I’m more than happy to wait with baited breath to absorb her next lesson. Last week she released the video for banger ‘Nah’ in which the first shot contains a golden g-string adorned with diamonte letters spelling out J U N G L E P U S S Y as if it’s even a possibility that you’ll forget her.

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