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Song of the day – 63: Blur

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I don’t hold with reformations.

I don’t hold with Britpop or media feeding frenzies either. But this low-key return from Blur – the first new material they’ve recorded since 2003 – is lovely, very Ray Davies, but not chirpy. Where’s that quote from D.H. Lawrence again? I know it’s lying somewhere round here… “The critic’s proper function is to separate the tale from the artist”. Yep, thanks DHL. ‘Fool’s Day’ would fit right into Kevin’s blog about The London Nobody Sings, and that’s praise around these parts. I like the observation about Pound Shops and Woolworth’s and “a cold day in springtime”. Maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic for something I never had. There’s a lovely cascading descending guitar riff at the end, too.

And it’s free. Although oddly the free download doesn’t give you the full version (unless you want to download the fearsomely large wav file). See below for that.

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