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Song of the day – 62: Gino Washington

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ometimes, a song can just do that to you. Grab you by the throat, shake you up and down, mess your head up good and proper with the constant throb of its bass-line and accentuated beat, and set you back down, upside down. This is such a song.

There were two Gino/Geno Washington Northern Soul singers during the 60s, you know. And the one I’m featuring here isn’t the one that Dexys sang about.This one is the tough soul singer from Detroit, got drafted into the army at the height of his career. The one Kevin sang about is the equally tough British soul singer, originally from Indiana, US air force, couple of hit live LPs late 60s, couple of years later. Both singers full of adrenalin and soul power, both mighty fine but, I don’t know, I think the first Gino tips it.


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