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Song of the day – 60: Lust-Cats of the Gutters

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As I’ve stated before, I’m riotously easy to please. As I’ve stated before, you want me to hear your music? Send me a link to an MP3 or your MySpace page. Don’t bother your cute honey ass with money-wasting promo CDs and international postal rates.

Lust-Cats of the Gutters will never be this great again. Their music thrashes all over the place – in a nasty, tinny, tuneful, vivid way – recalling luminaries as Raincoats, Shaggs, Beat Happening, Ramones (they do a mind-bendingly brilliantly minimal cover of ‘Judy Is A Punk’), Petticoats (all together now, “Sometimes I wish I was a normal…”) and broken fingernails painted red raking their way across your back in the throes of passion. This, you know, is all entirely unintentional, and as soon some idiot designer comes along with instructions on how to ‘be proper’ they’re going to lose every last iota of their considerable charm.

But right now, they’re just about the greatest thing I’ve heard. Immaculate dress sense too.

For now, I’ll link you to their MySpace page and suggest that ‘Housewife With A Loose Grip On Reality’ is the song to listen to, the moment of broken diamond genius. Hopefully, an MP3 will be on its way from Denver shortly – I know you all are as damn lazy as me as far as consuming music in web 2.0 environments goes.

Lust-Cats of the Gutters

Oh, and here’s that Petticoats song I was talking about.

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