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Song of the day – 597: Pins

Song of the day – 597: Pins
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I’m still holding out for the Meg White solo record. How great is that going to be?*

Music like Pins comes dressed in layers. It’s chilly out there: chilly and unwelcoming, and we all need some form of uniform against the furnace of cold and disinterest. There’s a hint of menace. Menace, and fishnet stockings (the two have always been linked in my mind: not an unwelcome association, not at all). Someone is smoking. Of course someone is smoking. Someone is wasting milk. Of course someone is wasting  the milk. Look closer. You won’t see anything because that’s not how it works. “Stay true,” someone whispers during the ad breaks in Game Of Thrones and a growing groundswell of support calls back. Stay true! STAY TRUE!

I don’t know what I like most the time but I do know what I don’t like most the time and what I don’t like most the time isn’t this. The ideological disturbances between Vimeo and YouTube remain lost on me. Pins have a Christmas song which immediately makes them superior to 58% of the watching crowd (hello Savages!). And let’s face it, if RANDOM OBSCURE BAND NAME (GOTTA BE FEMALE COS PINS ARE FEMALE) PULLED OUT OF NOWHERE JUST TO MAKE ME SEEM COOLER were being true to their school – really true – they’d have dark Satanic Gothic overtones too. I like the fact much of this remains hidden, that there is no one emoting like Bono.

I remain, however, deeply suspicious of anything called ‘effortlessly cool’. I mean, what is the fucking point of that?

*Do the math. The White Stripes were a great band. Jack White has managed approximately 1.5 good songs since striking out on his own. The greatness must come from somewhere – and there’s only one other suspect contender.


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