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Song of the day – 553: Gavlyn

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As recommended for me by those web bots at YouTube. I am that predictable. Shit, yes.

What can I tell you? From 2009. Now you know as much as me. Seems like she’s having herself a decent time, and there’s something about her vaguely deprecating flow that’s vaguely irresistible. This next one is more current: a new reading of an old favourite that sits fine with me. She’s in the zone; chilled and she’s just playin’ wit’ ya. Fuckin’ wit’ ya mind. Moves her hands and arms around like the PhD drama student in my corridor, doing practice-led research. This ain’t research, though: this is livin’ it. Love the Pinky and Perky distortion on the original vocal; love the kept sound of the slap stand-up bass.

She’s got the old school flow and shit.

Of course I love the Jessica Rabbit version, but c’mon… but let’s give La Lee some respect.

Let’s do some 10-second research.

  • Gavlyn is a 19 year old female rapper who has been rapping seriously since 1996
  • Gavlyn says she’s inspired by old school 70s funk and spoken word
  • Gavlyn is an up and coming female artist with an old school type flow
  • Anyone heard of Gavlyn? (Ultra Super Crazy Nice Female Rapper)
  • GavlynAndShit I’m from L.A. i’m a part of OrganizedThreat, BlackRoses, BrokenComplex and shout out to my DjDubplates http://facebook.com/GAVLYNMUSIC

It ain’t rocket science, music writing. Although it might as well be, if this blog entry is anything to go by.

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