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Song of the day – 55: Bow Wow Wow

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Guess you all know why this is here.

By some distance, Bow Wow Wow were my favourite of all the bands Malcolm McLaren was involved in. Sure, I liked Adam And The Ants, but I never really understood his solo records – they mostly seemed to be his reaction to the post-Sex Pistols world Sex Pistols: cynically-released lowest common denominator songs to prove that, with a little astute marketing, anything sells. ‘Duck Rock’ is like Rednex 20 years ahead of schedule. Jive Bunny was preferable to most of his solo offerings.

It’s also obvious that if The Sex Pistols still have resonance 35 years on, it’s down to Lydon not McLaren – despite McLaren’s best efforts to the contrary in The Great Rock’N’Roll Swindle. (With reference to that video link – clearly, anyone couldn’t be a Sex Pistol.) There again, I never gave a shit about how I looked.

Still, leaving personal taste out of this, McLaren was obviously great at causing mischief – and the world always seems a little duller when folk like him die. (Or, as Tom Ewing succinctly put it on Twitter, “RIP Malcolm McLaren. Best troll ever.”)

I wonder how Annabella feels about the news?

P.S. I would post the video to the following song directly here, but – ironies piled upon ironies – the embedding code on this has been “disabled by request” (a record company worried about the copyright on a song they’re promoting that extols the virtues of home recording). So I’ve had to make do with the link instead.

Bow Wow Wow – C-30 C-60 C-90 Go

P.P.S. Fuck it. Here’s the video to ‘I Want Candy’.

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