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Song of the day – 54: The Moonbears

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It’s very 1975, like I imagine Todd Rundgren to sound but I bet he doesn’t. I don’t know why I don’t find this more surprising. Should I?

Any mention of The Moonbears always brings back memories of a memorable evening in Brighton – at my adopted local, the Prince Albert – where they showed up for a Careless Talk Costs Lives (I believe) bill that also featured an early outing of The Legend! Covers The Songs Of Daniel Treacy, much to the delirious delight of their tambourine-player – the dude who once served as an early Bez in 80s Brummie Goth cuties The Primitives – who jumped on stage, and sang along with ‘A Sense Of Belonging’, word perfect (better than me). It rounded off a fine night.

Neil’s vocals are high. The harmonies are intricate and slightly woozy. The drums are tricky, the way Toni Basil never was. The rhythm chugs merrily enough. I’m not too familiar with the quintessential English pastoral pop sound of the mid-70s so any comparisons are going to be a little off… 10CC? Gilbert O’Sullivan? Something released by Secretly Canadian five years back? No, that’s unfair.

Ah, why don’t you just go and listen to the song. That’s why you’re here, after all.

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