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Song of the day – 531: Street Eaters (+ a rant against end-of-year album charts)

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Street Eaters live - Pic, Shanty  Cheryl

Damn. Now see, this is what I’m talking about. The following song is from a righteous six-track self-titled ramshackle punk album that is over in under 15 minutes.

You can’t really ascertain anything from that, Megan’s vocals being so low in the video mix. Except that it looked like a blast, being there.

Try this instead. You can hear a mid-90s Ohio influence, but that’s cool.

Two songs are available for free download at the BandCamp. I’d go for ‘Culture War’ first. It has a real Superchunk charm and fire.

OK. I’m interested. Do you really need more information than this? Is discovering more about the people who create such fine music merely feeding into collector mentality: that once you have the required knowledge you can safely file the music away, compartmentalise? I’m all for gaining extra knowledge if it increases your enjoyment of the music, enhances the listening experience, but the way I listen to music these days, it’s disconnected, there’s often no visuals or back-story or crunchy 7″ vinyl sleeves, often not even the context of the rest of the band’s material – just a few scattered songs here, like creating my own virtual equivalent of radio day in, day out on my mix-tapes and iTunes. 2012 is all about the song, as were the previous 10 years before it…

… and this is where I take major issue with some of my esteemed colleagues, vainly trying to grab onto a few last iotas of prestige in what they do: they still insist on compiling those end of year *album* charts, harking back to a time when rock music was invested with added meaning and thus discriminating against non-rock (“indie”) music, muchof which IS NOT DESIGNED to be heard in album format.

Plus, this is a real heavy-handed officious way of dealing with music: what, you can’t enjoy a song/track/whatever until the musicians in question are ‘advanced’ enough to have released an album? What about people who don’t release albums?

So yeah. Street Eaters. This much I know, without any checking up:

  • A duo
  • Fiercely DIY
  • Compile mix-tapes
  • Tour incessantly
  • Look to be great live (judging on the YouTube clips I’ve seen)
  • Constantly moving
  • Make me feel warm and warmly fuzzy inside, thinking and listening to them
  • Think for themselves
  • Into memorabilia, eyewitness and document
  • Into spontaneity

In other words, the good guys. But, in the end, does any of that matter if the music is shit? So, added bonus… indeed the ONLY bonus that counts:

  • Fucking GREAT at writing songs

Have a listen.

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3 Responses to Song of the day – 531: Street Eaters (+ a rant against end-of-year album charts)

  1. Paul Shepherd December 4, 2012 at 12:37 am

    While I’m not a fan of end of year lists (The bands I tend to like aren’t Cool, popular or obscure enough) I love albums. The singles that get released are usually the labels choice and not the bands, and often the”filler” track is the most interesting on the album which is a good thing because who downloads a B side? These songs are often the ones that a band wants people to hear (unless they’re to cool to want people to actually hear their songs). Most importantly, sometimes it’s just nice to listen to a band that you really like for a while without stuffing around with a playlist

  2. Andrew Sheets July 1, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    They are indeed GREAT live. Caught them at a house show in Oakland in May and they slayed. The duo consists of Megan on drums and John on bass (he uses two amps to split off the high notes from the low ones).

    My fave of theirs is “Dead Parts”. Oh my God.

  3. LeeA June 27, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    UPDATE. Saw Street Eaters last night at a house party with a buncha other righteous bands (many that you’d dig, Ev – lemme see if I can find some Dog Jaw or Sharkpact hovering around). Powerful, electrifying set – so much energy, especially for 1:30 in the morning! Still touring incessantly. Knew practically everyone on the bill. AND, they were also the nicest out-of-towners I’d ever met, and also strictly non-alcohol drinkers (I suspect these two facts are correlated). I really, really hope I can meet them again, hopefully when I’m less fatigued and more capable of holding conversations.

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