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Song of the day – 530: Kanika Kapoor feat. Shortie

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Kanika Kapoor feat. Shortie - Jugni Ji

“It’s a bit ‘Macarena’,” remarks my wife sagely. This of course means that it’s a bit ‘Gangnam Style’, which in turn means it is, of course, a bit ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ (substitute public-friendly dance craze of your choice). So apologies for that.

Frankly, this song confuses the crap out of me. (This, of course, is a massive POSITIVE.) On one side, it’s asinine. On the other, it’s beguiling and damnably catchy. It appropriates culture, but is alert to the pull and challenge of syncretism. Great female vocal. Great use of repetition. Since someone alerted me to it two days ago I can’t stop playing it. This means, of course, I’m about eight solid months behind the rest of the world. So apologies for that, too.

No apologies for liking it, however. Your taste is your own. And you shouldn’t EVER have to feel bad about liking music, even if it’s some anodyne piece of crap like Radiohead.

I hate the fucking car, though.


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