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Song of the day – 512: Teen

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I’m in love with a German film s… a concept of retro future-pop that was invented by folk like Joe Meek, and then realised with folk like Daniel Miller (in particular Silicon Teens) in the late 70s.

Can’t help myself. The fashions come and go, but the elegant slight diffidence remains.

Should I be suspicious of the way this band looks, and what their motivation might be? (I’d imagine they just enjoy creating music.) Or should I ignore context (if there is any) and just enjoy the laconic repetition, the mantra-like building of beats? (Shrugs.) I don’t buy into tribes very often these days, rarely venture out: in a world where the Moment is Queen and the Moment so readily passes to be replaced with Another Moment as Queen, the mix-tape seems the simplest and cleanest way to enjoy music. You don’t have to pledge allegiance to the flag just to enjoy a three-minute song, you know.

Everyone is of course disposable. I’m indelibly reminded of The Passions’ ‘I’m In Love With A German Film Star’ which, of course, means I must be dipping into my late teens/teenage virgin mindset to enjoy this, which probably explains the mention of retro future-pop in the opening sentence. Poised. Languid. In control. Not desperate because desperation indicates… wait. I want to go listen to some Elli et Jacno. As someone stated about them back then, “Every fine woman should also have a rectangular sheet of paper to dance on”.

Teen. Even their name suggests languid retro future-pop. Possibly.

La la-la la-la. Just so you know, I hate this though

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