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Song of the day – 504: Deap Vally

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Deap Vally

I’ll confess.

I checked this duo out because some ‘friend’ on Facebook was complaining about how some male music journalist was only digging Deap Vally’s desert blues groove cos he wanted to dig what was inside of Deap Valley’s pants too. (It’s always been a surefire way to dismiss art made by females: claim that there’s no fucking way they could be getting attention from the critics – male to a tired, bone-idle man – unless said males fancy them.) Had me a listen. Sounds like righteous noise and screaming to me, and I couldn’t give a fuck whether I find someone attractive or no as to whether I dig their desert blues groove. Poked a toe out. Put their name up on Facebook. The ‘friends’ who ‘liked’ it – and there were quite a few – were all female.


Gotta say, if I’d come about Deap Vally via this pathetic quote first (yeah, thanks The Independent):

They make Joan Jett and Jack White sound like the Disney Club

I might not have bothered. My point being: if you can’t be bothered to describe how music makes you want to fuck the world and dance on the remains of your dead, given-up friends from years past, then why the fuck are you bothering? Laughably nonsensical hyperbole really don’t cut it, especially when you so clearly, really don’t understand your reference points you really, clearly can’t burn and crash and buzz along to Deap Vally’s desert blues groove. The lady can holler. Fuck the fuzz and the harsh rhythm. The lady can fucken holler.Do you need to know more? How the fuck is some lame-ass comparison gonna stop your knees from knocking?

There was an equally dumb one here (thanks Brooklyn Vegan):

Lindsey and Julie play like the White Stripes if instead of Jack and Meg it was Karen O and Alison Mosshart

 Uh. So. No… wait. What exactly are you trying to say here? That Deap Vally are totally in thrall to the trendier side of independent music of the 00s? Why bother writing about them at all if you have such a low opinion? Sure I hate the wind machines blowing through their hair. Fuck yeah I hate the beautiful people, and I hate it even harder when the beautiful people can rock. But maybe that’s just down to plain old-fashioned jealousy cos wind machines sure make no fucking difference to me at this time of life.

My point here is this. The music ROCKS. I mean, Deap Vally sure as shit-on-fire ain’t subtle. No hidden depths to discover here. You either get it, or you don’t. (They sure as shit aren’t no Agent Ribbons.)

And that’s it.

So here’s the quote for the barricades:

Deap Vally got Everett True hollerin’ like a cat on a hot tin roof

P.S. And yes, I DO reckon them male journos above are doing what male journos do.


4 Responses to Song of the day – 504: Deap Vally

  1. Steph October 1, 2012 at 2:07 am

    Yeah they’re pretty good, though the majority of their second video on here seems to be made up of shots of their breasts and bums. Suppose there’s nothing wrong with knowing you’re hot. It certainly hasn’t got in the way of them making a good song x.x.x

  2. Everett True October 1, 2012 at 8:17 am

    agreed Steph. (and hence the P.P.S.)

  3. Chantelle October 15, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Thanks for bringing this mad band to attention Everett yewwwwwwww !

  4. ChinlessWonder April 7, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Hmm. It rocks.
    It rocks the way Jeremy Clarkson rocks slowly and rhythmically to his ‘greatest fathers day album, ever’ compilation, tapping the steering wheel to the beat while driving back to his 14th century limestone manor house in the Cotswolds.
    These girls are in touch with everything that is raw, sexual, aggressive and real in the current zeitgeist of our times, the same way Clarkson is in touch with the realities of survival in the poverty stricken areas of East London.
    You remember how Kurt once told an interviewer that he knew rock had become dangerously stagnant when generations of kids were rocking out to the same dinosaur prog rock their parents listened to?
    I love how you Gen X’ers think you had it SOOOO bad in the 80’s.

    The kind of sound Deap Vally are playing here was amazing when it occurred the first time round. When the white boy take on old time blues was novel and fresh and culturally relevant. About 1967?
    With so much potential for creativity and possibility that’s available out of those notes and scales I find it incredible to see how many times modern guitar musicians immediately default to this tired old shit.
    Listening to these girls evoke the sound of your Burton Menswear clad 40 year old dad getting carried away at a Runaways tribute act the local leisure centre is just painful. And depressing.

    Yes she hollers, and good for her for trying to make it sound anything more than the tinny, bloodless, noise made in those ‘rock chick look’ commercials for dark lipstick. Lindsey Troy has about as much Force of Nature behind that holler as a drizzle laden winter chill blowing a solitary leaf down the paved walkways of Swindon’s shopping centre complex.

    Just watched the video to ‘End Of The World’. How gloriously ironic a title when considering the future of Guitar music. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more unconvincing, painfully contrived attempt at appearing decadent and badass in all my life. Isn’t this the same video template all white indie musicians now use in their videos as desperate, feeble attempts to seem dangerous?

    Drinking Jack Daniels in the bath? Check.
    Smoking? (ooOOooh!) Check.
    Hair messed up 5 minutes previous to the video shoot? Check.
    Shots of downtown ‘urban’ graffiti that you know the girls didn’t spray themselves? Check.
    Shots of random police cars in no way connected to their ‘wild party’ as insinuated?
    Pointless two finger salutes crowned with healthy manicured nails?

    White, middle class indie girls with guitars have about as much balls as spayed kittens right now and this just confirms rock’s slow decline into permanent cultural irrelevance. Rihanna and Britney Spears are more convincing wild girls than these lot. In fact, if we’re going to be honest, Rihanna and Britney are probably a lot more closer to the very thing these girls are trying to fake.

    Watch Rihanna present herself as the world’s biggest slut in the ‘S&M’ video with an aggressive defiance that would have made Madonna blush.
    Just go to an M.I.A or Nikki Minaj gig to see what sexual aggression that is not contrived looks like.
    Watch Britney shave her head and beat up journalists, gobble up any drug she’s given to drown out the sound the world laughing at her, watch her flip the bird at said world anyway while driving her car high, baby on lap, trying to outrun the fire that’s burning her life down in flames behind.
    Witness Lindsey Lohan tear up the streets of L.A, self destructing like a woman possessed by angry demons no-one can help her with.
    If any of these girls picked up a guitar and started yelling they would bulldoze the fuck out the indie charts instantly. It would probably regain some its vitality once more.
    Deap vally wouldn’t know what had hit them.
    Someone buy Spears and Lohan a Fender Strat please.

    The real bad girls, the real dangerous ones, the real sluts and delinquents have moved on from rock years ago. The sexual energy and frenetic urgency of youth has moved on to Hip Hop and Pop music now.
    Don’t these girls get it? Its over. Unwillingness to deal with this is starting to become embarrassing.

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