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Song of the day – 502: The Pharmacy

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the pharmacy

Here’s the glib one-liner for the ladies staffing the barricades:

It’s as if [Steve] Malkmus had spent his college years digging the groove of [Paul] McCartney’s second solo album instead of [Mark E.] Smith’s band’s fifth one.

You can tell I’m learning how to be a music critic, right?

In places, the new Pharmacy album reminds me of The Frank And Walters. (I know how you all hate those comparisons out there, figure it to be lazy jargon shorthand. It is. It ain’t. Often, I’m trying to lay down vapour trails for you all to soar along by. Partly, I want to point out I love the way the singer can’t hit the top notes but tries so hard.) I do remain worried that too little exposure to Vampire Weekend hasn’t hardened me up appropriately. The vocals are laconic but… c’mon. Name me some that aren’t.

You can call The Pharmacy ‘psychedelic’ if you want. I don’t think anyone will object. Not like slam-your-head-repeatedly-inside-a car-door object, anyway.

Thought I’d share a couple of other songs with you. No reason. The new Pharmacy album is called Stoned & Alone, and I thought perhaps suggestible?

Now I’m way distracted. I wanted to write something fancy about melody and harmony and The Webb Brothers because The Webb Brothers still represent an unclaimed peak for me, but instead I’m thinking of romance and torpor and the way Mike Love can sack Brian Wilson because he understands the value and place of commerce. Some of the lyrics are claptrap. C’mon, Pharmacy. A song about a Chinese Finger Trap? Really? Some of the songs remind me of the buoyant bubbling pop heart to Half A Cow. (Click here. Especially if you ain’t Australian.) This Pharmacy album I will forget and then hopefully remember just when I want to be pleasantly surprised.

It has made me happy for 12 hours now, and that’s a long stretch of happiness.

Nikki Sudden. That’s the name I was looking for. Man, sometimes I miss you Nikki.

2 Responses to Song of the day – 502: The Pharmacy

  1. Golightly September 29, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Gotta hand it to them, they do look genuinely cool… and I have a soft spot the size of Jupiter for singers who can’t sing, because they always have such raw self expression going on in there as long as they are the singers who can’t sing and do it in their own natural voice… the ones who copy other people’s voices and fail, those are the bad singers that I can’t forgive.
    I think I could get quite into Pharmacy… got any more of their tracks to recommend? One song isn’t enough to figure them out… but I will say that the voice stands out as something to listen to and connect with, in theory. I was reminded of Lou Reed for a moment… don’t think it was the sound of the voice, more the tone or some similar quality to it… and Lou Reed is an amazing vocalist and crap singer. My favourite kind…

  2. Golightly September 29, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    p.s. Pharmacy is a crap band name. Then again, so was Korn, but if the music’s good it stops mattering entirely.

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