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Song of the day – 499: Fabulous Diamonds

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I’m just one big cuddly welcome public service announcement. Unpaid, at that.

There’s a new Fabulous Diamonds album out. It’s called Commercial Music, but isn’t. For, according to a previous blog entry on Collapse Board, Fabulous Diamonds are like:

…diving through floorboards, wrestling with blenders, hurling a red balloon in the sky and watching as it becomes gradually captured by the clouds. Great, in a Love Of Diagrams/Electrelane way…
(Song of the Day 110: Fabulous Diamonds)

But I wouldn’t know about that. Sounds absurd, ridiculous and does not ground in reality. And isn’t that what music criticism is about in 2012? Grounding listeners in reality.

I’d rather be out abseiling or drinking coffee on the streets of New York City, or recording another 20 improvised songs with The Deadnotes or having a picnic surrounded by hills and winking sunlight, but I’m not. This is no reflection on Fabulous Diamonds whose fabulous trance psych-rock, as its name suggests, bears repeated listens. I could say this ’bout near anything. I’m just free-styling here. Sometimes it’s nice to have life clearly defined. Sometimes it isn’t. This new Fabulous Diamonds album is for the latter moments, I would suggest. Maybe it isn’t? It’s not shocking. It’s reassuring.

I do, however, notice that the below video has had a mere 15 views (and sounds great, distorted and double-tracking the second song on Commercial Music), while ‘Stranded At A Gas Station’ has racked up 2,249,843 which, if nothing else, helps put into alarmingly sharp focus the imbalance in my world as opposed to – perhaps – yours?; so perhaps folk don’t want the reassuring. (I doubt this.) Also, one is clearly commercial music while the other merely ought to be. Looking back on it, I’m not sure I ever believed in My Bloody Valentine the same way some folk up here do. Sun Ra, yes.

Oh, wait. The video.

And please don’t confuse it with the Commercial Album either. That was this, and this is not that.

So. There’s a new Fabulous Diamonds album out. Doubtless you already know that if you’re reading this, for why else would you be reading this? I know you would far rather be looking at this. Statistics only selectively lie. This is rather a pointless unpaid public service announcement after all.

Fabulous Diamonds are from Melbourne, not Brisbane – immediately apparent to anyone familiar with the two cities. If this band were from Brisbane they wouldn’t be so darn nonchalant.

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