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Song of the day – 467: New Estate

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New Estate live - Pic Bren Like

My role here is sideline cheerleader. Some folk require validati0n. I suspect New Estate don’t, that New Estate are too far gone for such trite deliverance.

Let’s have a little insight.

I’d already decided to run with this as Song of the Day before listening to the music. In my trade – and yes, sure it’s a trade – you’re always on the look out for certain signs, stuff that gives other stuff away. (To use the American.)

Let’s move in closer:

1. Who’s sending me this music?

Here, Chapter Music. Now, despite Chapter Music’s incredibly unreasonable refusal to release anything, even retrospectively, by Brisbane (and possibly Australia)’s finest band of the last decade, The Deadnotes, this is a label whose taste is undeniably often in tune with my own. They favour the more idiosyncratic, scrappy yet melodic, non-triple j side of the equation. If I was to pick sides, and I really try not to these days because it would mean missing out on this, and this, then theirs would probably be the side I’d find myself on, picked second-to-last only because the gawky freak next to me got kneecapped a few days back and the only other available player used to be in Wolfmother. We’re talking Tenniscoats, The Twerps, Strong Love – Songs Of Gay Liberation 1972-8, Clag, Dick Diver, Danny & the Parkins Sisters, the goddess-like Frida Hyvönen, Kath Bloom, the mighty Fabulous Diamonds, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Pikelet, Primitive Calculators, Woelv … many of whom are Australian, and all of which have been written about on Collapse Board or a near relation.

With a pedigree like that, you think I’m going to ignore Recovery, the new album from New Estate?

2. Why are they sending me this music?

Publicity, sure. One suspects it ain’t just that, though. Collapse Board is but a baby wombat in the works of the mighty Australian street press. Go back to the designated driver role: sideline cheerleader. It’s nice to have a little friendly back-up.

3. Do I already know any of the band?

No. Least, not till after I’d made the decision to run with this music and then ran a cursory check on the biog. So, yes. (Shrugs). Whatever. It ain’t that surprising. Melbourne… Victoria… Australia. Small places. Only a couple of dozen of folk live in each.

4. The words used to describe the music

After a packed and riotous Melbourne launch at Northcote Social Club earlier this month, scrap-pop wonders New Estate …

That’s the opening lines of the press release. That’s me sold then. (Fuck the press quotes: I don’t trust a single one of those supine, fawning cunts. Name attached would work better for me, if it was someone like Shaun Prescott or Brendon Annesley R. I.P, but that’s it.)

You want me to describe it then? Hardly necessary, methinks. My work is done here. Another 35 people told.


Still nowhere near as good as The Deadnotes, though. What is?

My feeling is that folk don’t want to release The Deadnotes in Australia because it would show the whole of the rest of fucking Australia up.

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