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Song of the day – 457: Catcall

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So, the last few days, I’ve been listening to the recent album from Chromatics. And I’ve been veering between dismissing it with a one-liner that makes sarcastic reference to the influence of that most harmful of harmless of bands St Etienne, and really wishing its longer tracks would go on even longer so they’d last the entire walk back from the bus stop to my house when the stars are in the sky and it’s cloudless, and I’m lacking conscious thought.

So, this morning, I was listening to this.

Great, isn’t it? Leaving St Etienne out of this (because the above really doesn’t link to them), it almost Does It Better than Italians Do It Better, and absolutely reminds me of why I didn’t mind at all when Glass Candy swapped the jagged edge for the disco smooch. But then, I’ve always been a dyed-in-the-woolens Pet Shop Boys fan, even going as far to appreciate them minus the visuals.

Frankly, I could listen to the above on repeat for most of this morning, and even do some work.

Here’s a link to Bianca’s interview with Catcall for Collapse Board.

Here’s a link to a news story on Mess+Noise all about Catcall’s debut album The Warmest Place, with sound files and descriptions of every song, and everything. Everything, that is, except crass chauvinism and Gotye.

The following song is pop the same way Fun Boy Three or Sophie Ellis-Bextor is pop, and makes me think I could well enjoy the Catcall album, long as she doesn’t keep messin’ with her vocals in such a disappointingly normal way.

This is better. This is my Song of the Day.

As is this. This is also my Song of the Day.

Oh wait. She covers this song. Well, good on her for having good taste but… listen up. I’m old. Let me linger with the malingerers. She appears to have removed the subtlety which is weird cos I’d have thought the original is all about the subtlety. Whatever. It’s a very thin line between genius and mediocrity and I think Catcall’s just failed to scrambled over it here.

Whatever. Another singer to like, possibly love.

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