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Song of the day – 433: Those Dancing Days

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Those Dancing Days

Welcome to the third edition of Where Others Lead.

Today, our heads are a whirl of excitement. We can’t be bothered printing typeface larger than album reviews, or reducing all our emotions to an incomprehensible stream of 140 numbers, abbreviations and characters with no character. (Or even worse, make it comprehensible.) There’s new music from Sweden’s Those Dancing Days to be lost within – the wonderfully-titled ‘Fuckarias’ to be precise – and we’re feeling like a teenager in a Chelmsford town shop, faced with rack upon rack of coloured vinyl Buzzcocks and XTC and Damned singles. Which one to choose, which one to lose? Can we afford the lot, if we make a mental note to step up our shoplifting next week? Why should we have to turn our backs on ANYTHING? ‘Fuckarias’ is so knowingly fun and dismissive. And there’s a drum solo that – as Lucy Cage rightly states – is courtesy of:

pretty much the cutest drummer of all time, Cissi, who pounds her kit with all the messy verve of a toddler launching itself at chocolate cake

but that also reminds us of why ‘Funeral Pyre’ by The Jam still makes us catch our breath slightly, three decades longer.

There’s feedback that’s as petulant and sudden as Brisbane rain. There’s a squelchy keyboard, and no room for loud/soft post-Nirvana shit. There’s melody and pace, and the sort of vicarious thrill that used to be had from boy rock all those years back but now rarely can, now is much better served by Quasi going materialistic and Los Campesions! pretending they haven’t listened to those same three Comet Gain albums as everyone else and Those Dancing Days playing faster and faster and louder. Still, this is #3 of Where Others Lead so you already know all this, because you already read English goddess Lucy on Scandipop goddesses about this, correct? I feel so dumb. Not only did I not know that Those Dancing Days had a second album out, but I also didn’t know they’d split up. Doubtless to create five projects that will keep Where Others Lead busy in lazy future retro-issues to come.

She writes:

‘Fuckarias’, their first single of 2011, finds TDD stomping on solider ground, four years (and not just any four years but those which bump one painfully, wonderfully, from child to adult) older, wiser, more proficient but thankfully just as ferocious and which, whether through youthful gawky genius or second-language-itis, has lyrics as magnificently wrong as you like: “You’re an uninvited clown/A foolish puppy with a too long tongue/You stumble and fall, you’re the worst of them all/You’re in my space, get out of my face”. Fuck what’s right, let’s dance.

If you haven’t read her already then don’t let me keep you here. Go and read and learn and listen and dance and spiral round crazily and pretend the choice for sleep still exists and smile and flaunt and …

Ah, here it is.

Wonderful, wonderful drumming.

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