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Song of the day – 4: Pavement

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Someone who keeps the faith sent me an advance promo of Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement, and I  remembered that my listening pleasures in the car are limited. So I took it into that sacred place, and listened as I drove to QUT, and listened as I drove to Deadnotes practice, and listened as I drove to Thin Kids practice, and listened, and with real pleasure. And, damn me, if I didn’t remember all over again why I fell for that diffident, slyly humorous, melodic and sometimes inventive 90s American band all over again – something to do with bruised soul, awkward pop – and, taken in isolation, I even found myself humming along to their later songs.

Some of these songs ruled my life back then, even going as far to define a certain strain of NYC after-hours life for me, with their knowing glances and gentle key changes and intimate socialising.

I haven’t entirely changed my mind about their reunion, but I certainly don’t resent them it any more.

Anyway, here’s my Song of the Day.

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