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Song of the day – 361: Samantha Crain

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Strike two.


Two recommendations in three days. Very nice.  As the fellow comments on Twitter, doubtless emboldened by the fact I posted up his last recommendation as Song Of The Day:

“quality’s a bit ropey, original on Confiscation EP is stunning. My favourite ever emotional blackmail song”

“on the original when her voice kicks in on the bridge: goose-bump-au-go-go.”

Her latest album You (Understood) is a little too tricksy – musically-speaking – for my taste: circular guitar motifs, and the taste of Chicago 1995, and finger-picking and atmospherics, all tastefully done. There’s no denying the emotional range of her voice, however. Voices like this I usually prefer unadorned and without echo added to the slide of fingers on guitar strings. Then I can focus.

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