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Song of the day – 36: Ramones

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I have plenty of favourite Ramones song. Plenty. This happens to be one of the many.

Joey’s lyrical imagery here is pretty much unmatched in any other Ramones songs: so evocative, so aching with the pain of being away for months on end from the one you love (and shortly to lose the one you love). Several years back, I was lucky enough to have the specific inspiration behind each line explained to me by Arturo Vega in a New York loft – but really, the song is just as magical either way. Joey’s voice is sublime. The Phil Spector production is sublime. The song and melody and imagery are sublime.

Bangs alive!

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  1. Jerry March 29, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    (from Facebook)

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    Suzy Ramone
    and it, it may sound funny but it's TRUE oo oo oo
    22 March at 11:49 ·

    Shawn Wolfe
    Tommy and Marky and Ritchie and "CJ" should reunite. They were "the main guys" anyway, right?
    23 March at 05:48 ·

    Everett True
    Um, if you know your Ramones Shawn, you'd know how mistaken you are to talk down Tommy's role…
    23 March at 06:14 ·

    Shawn Wolfe
    True, True. Let's hope such a reformation or vegas revue never takes place outside the confines of The Charlie Rose Show. Unless you think mr. Erdelyi can pull it off.
    23 March at 06:52 ·

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