Everett True

Song of the day – 322: MGMT

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Everett True
just been listening to MGMT for the first time ever. They really are OK, aren’t they?

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Beth Capper
I kinda love them

Beth Capper
and I didn’t want to

Caitlin Carpenter
YUS! 🙂

Everett True
music is superb. was surprised to hear that a hipster band was doing a Clean cover, and that’s why I decided to check them out. now I fully understand

Everett True
in places, they’re almost like an American Gorky’s

Wallace Wylie
I think they’re more than OK. They’re last album kind of turned them into an American Super Furry Animals, but I can handle that.

Wallace Wylie
Spooky. I wrote that before seeing your comment. Apparently they have an inherent Welshness.

Chris Johnston
cocaine, elegant cars. heroin, fuck with the stars.

Darragh Murray
Wait till you hear them for the billionth time

Jodi Biddle
Yeah commercial saturation sort of destroyed them, but Electric Feel really is a great song.

Chris Johnston
the justice remix of electric feel is TOP

Paul Koehler
I was resistant forever after I saw a truly shitty gig they did at an Urban Outfitters at SXSW a few years ago. Totally ignored the first album when it came out. But then I quit being an asshole and actually listened….yeah, they’re pretty damn good.

Justin Edwards
They’ve been terrible the two or three times I’ve seen them live

Mark Headley
I think they are as bad as Arcade Fire! And possibly even more overexposed…

Tony Mazzocco
ET, I told you that last year as soon as their album came out! Oh well, better late than never

Chiara Meattelli
They’re great. Especially cause they told U2 and Coldplay to fuck off refusing to open for them in a big stadium. They always do what they like with their music and the second record with no hits after a supercatchy debut, testifies this. Brave and genuinely crazy guys, really like them!

Chiara Meattelli
oh yes, unfortunately the guy has no voice whatsover live, better to listen to them on record.

Joanna Weber
I listened to them just now – Electric Feel and another one. Catchy tunes, but could do with better structures. I think “OK” is exactly my reaction.

Lucy Pullin
ET this is more worrying than your threat of driving into the car in front x

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