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Song of the day – 319: Britney Spears (a mini-review)

Song of the day – 319: Britney Spears (a mini-review)
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Disclaimer: I am not being ironic here.

I haven’t liked Britney’s albums in the past. I really like her new album Femme Fatale. It has energy, a pulse. It’s great driving music: it’s even better music to listen to screaming loud on the bus. The constant use of the vocoder only serves to make her voice super-real. The repetition is pure Fall. I like the way someone’s reinvented her as a slightly cuddlier, less cool elder sister, version of Lady Gaga. I like the directness and simplicity of the lyrics. Lyrics are crap anyway, so let’s reduce them one stage further.

The line in the song below, “Keep on dancing till the world ends” draws on familiar imagery, imagery that I’ve used myself: it doesn’t mean it’s any the less potent if you choose to invest it with meaning. Yes. Let’s keep on dancing till the world ends. What else is there to do? ‘Till The World Ends’ is a great song, the same way the first couple of X-Men film were great films. Not great in the usual way I use the word (challenging, thought-provoking, chilling) but great as in … switch off the outside world, lose yourself to the pulse, mesmeric great. Entertainment that hypnotises through force. For a long time, I didn’t understand music like this because I thought there was something to understand. There isn’t. Not when it’s done well. Enjoying this totally reminds me of being addicted to fruit machines.

There’s a moment on ‘Inside Out’ where she sings “C’mon” and I just wish … I just wish I could sing “C’mon” like that.

The video below, incidentally, is crap. Lady Gaga meets The Day After Tomorrow, with shoulder pads and no menace. It feels weirdly low rent, not in a good way. There’s no fanfare, nothing added to the music.

7 Responses to Song of the day – 319: Britney Spears (a mini-review)

  1. Princess Stomper April 8, 2011 at 4:59 am

    Yet again I have to recommend Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad – I really think you’d like it.

    The difference between this and Britney of late is that this has proper songs on it. Songs with beginnings and middles and ends. Songs that build up and break down and do what songs are supposed to do. It’s why that Rihanna album is good and why many of the songs on The Fame Monster were good.

    There’s just as much of a craft in bubblegum chav disco dancefloor fillers as there is in, say, indie rock. If you ignore the structure, you lose the song. It’s why Womanizer was such utter toss – it had a killer hook and could have been a great song, but just did absolutely nothing with it. The first few bars were the same as the rest of it. It’s like Rockafeller Skank, and how that does so much with so little – that’s the trick good pop pulls off every time. It’s a rigid formula, but tracks like Gaga’s Telephone nail it perfectly.

    Your Britney song doesn’t grab me instantly, but I could stand to hear the rest. I’m glad she’s doing well these days – I loved Toxic – so it makes me happy if she’s made a good album.

  2. Everett True April 8, 2011 at 7:11 am

    I’ll check it out, for sure, Princess. I like what I’ve heard of Rihanna. But you’re missing the point of why I like this song … I don’t mind about the structure, I don’t mind about whether it has a beginning, middle and end. I can lose myself within the moment and energy.

  3. mmc April 8, 2011 at 9:09 am

    You. Don’t. Need. Any. Of. This. Shit. Stop.

    Stop. Hating. Your. Self. Stop. (referring more to the comment about Kelly being as good as you used to be)

  4. mmc April 8, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Here, all better now

    Let the kids have their shit & you have your shit & it’s all good.

  5. mmc April 8, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Oh it was this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41P8UxneDJE

  6. mmc April 8, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Also, Toxic totally ruled. I heard that shit on a portable radio on a Greyhound bus somewhere in Texas in the spring of 2004 and was amazed that Britney was doing something that good. Let’s just pretend she equals Toxic and be done with the whole mess. Toxic and Hit Me Baby.

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