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Song of the day – 276: Dirt Child (free download)

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“You got the bass/You got the verse/You’re just gonna need a bit of dirt…”

There’s something about this Sydney rapper/sculptor that reminds me a little of the no-holds sleaze of NYC’s Princess Superstar, although maybe I should hesitate from making such an obvious woman-woman comparison. Dirt Child is way dirtier, and less salacious. She doesn’t play to the male balconies. She’s got a steel vagina. You can download ‘Slugmite Millionaire’ for free here. It’s well worth it, because it’s playful and jaunty and likes using squidgy, slimy samples to bolster the beat. She’s fluid, know what I mean? And she way gives the lie to the legion of white indie boys who go on, and on, about how there’s no good Australian hip hop. For sure.

I’m not so sure about the ‘Zappa/Dirt’ track from her debut EP, which samples Frank Zappa full-on. Zappa always seemed a bit like Funkadelic without any funk (and I find Funkadelic hard to take in large amounts). But wait. It’s real slick and nasty and antagonistic. Love ‘Golden Tooth’, which humorously references misogyny in rap, in such a way that you’ll be surging along. And the surgical dick-destroying ‘Cremaster’ is a laugh riot. Nice.

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