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 Everett True

Song of the day – 255: Isaac Snazell Thackray

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Here. Another Christmas Gift for you.

Isaac Snazell Thackray – My Special Heart

Isaac was singing this to himself while he was lying on the sofa. It really appealed to me, the casual repetition and simple rhyme. I love the instrumental part at the song’s end. So I asked if I could record it. He’s been singing other rhymes he’s made up, too: some noticeably more complicated and structured a little bit like the way I often structure lyrics when I’m singing with The Deadnotes. But this is the one that charms.

You can actually buy one of his recordings over here, if you’re interested. He’s the bonus ‘mystery’ track at the end of Volume 3 of the Television Personalities’ tributes, a recording of ‘Silly Girl’ with myself on stand-up organ.

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