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Song of the day – 232: Regurgitator

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Confession time. I’d always had this bunch lumped in with Powderfinger because their name has… um… five syllables in it. And is just one word. And they’re Australian. and they’re male. From around the same region, and era. And… er. Not very good reasons, are they?


Bugger it. I like this new EP of theirs a whole load. As I wrote for a review yet to appear on Mess And Noise, “30x more vital and alert and damnably catchy than most anything else around: sprightly tech beats, too.” Jagged, in a New Wave style. Melodic, in a disharmonic fashion. Feisty and fiery and clever, but not in a balls-disabling way. Are they from round here? Melbourne – right? Jesus. I’ve really got to stop dismissing bands out-of-hand because of their names.

Is the rest of their stuff this good? Really? I might have to go investigate.

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