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Song of the day – 227: Lykke Li (free download)

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This is primal. Damn. Is that all I can think of to say? Played it twice, thoroughly entranced. This is sexual. Third time, I was hooked. Damn. Is there a certain age, beyond which I’m not allowed to refer to sex within discussions of music? Or is it always OK/not OK? This is thunderous. Damn, the lyrics are banal. Don’t listen to the lyrics. Do you want to get some? Well, of course I do. We all want to get some. Never listen to the lyrics. Very unsure about the video. Never realised Lykke Li was so fond of her crotch. Find the flickering background footage a gross throwback to colonialism. Björk never feels patronising when she goes ‘voodoo’. Why does Lykke Li? Love the free download. Wasn’t expecting that. You sign up to a mailing list that you can take yourself off immediately.

Reminds me of The Slits in a roundabout way, except Ari Up would never have allowed herself to be manipulated by the video director like this. Can’t say I care too much, though. Damn.

Met Lykke Li once. Interviewed her. Awful. Neither she, nor I, was interested in the other person.

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