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Song of the day – 18: Papa Topo

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This song chanced onto my iTunes a short while ago, and it made me happy, it made me glad for randomness in life, and reminded me of Room 40‘s excellent Add N To Friends compilation and other such sweet treats. I know very little about Papa Topo except that 1) this song appears on the rightly oddball and cuddly Oddbox Records compilation Accidental – An Oddbox Records Sampler, 2) it’s a duo from Spain, 3) they use glockenspiel, Casiotone, stylophone, 4) you like to imagine they might’ve enjoyed Stereo-Total a couple of times in the past, and 5) they wear sweaters. You could probably call them twee without much fear of contradiction – as they seem to be embracing all the oddity of a librarian’s life.

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  1. Anonymous March 6, 2010 at 4:34 am

    They're a brand new band, really young (he just turned 18 and she's 15). They've just released their first single (an album is coming soon) and they're really promising.


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