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Song of the day – 159: Syl Johnson

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I was watching To Kill A Mockingbird last night, which of course features the killer courtroom scene with Gregory Peck playing Atticus, the white lawyer defending a black farm worker wrongly accused of rape. Man, that was some kind of moving – almost more for what was left unsaid, and the silent dignity of the folk in the balcony – than what was said.

So I thought I’d share this song with you: there sure is a connection. Betrayal and prejudice and pride and… damn, it’s fine.

I was sent Syl Johnson’s new compilation Complete Mythology, and Bangs knows it’s rare enough that I receive unsolicited CDs in the mail, let alone unsolicited CDs that I actually fucking totally dig. It’s from the Numero Group, who are the business when it comes to forgotten bruised soul from the 60s and 70s so I weren’t surprised, no, not at all… just thankful that some folk stay in touch.

This is a great, great song, as the Wu-Tang Clan would presumably agree, as they sampled it for  ‘Hollow Bones’. Don’t hate me just because I’m black, the man sings distraught. Damn, the anguish in Syl’s voice.

One correspondent indicated they preferred Ken Boothe’s  darker, moodier reggae version. It’s got some beautiful horns on it but I’d much rather it went on for longer. I guess you can make your own minds up.

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