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Song of the day – 125: Soda Fountain Rag

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I’m going to hate myself when I wake up tomorrow and remember that I’ve posted songs from TWO cutie bands, but…

I love this almost than I love the Allo Darlin’ cover. Or is it more? Perhaps it’s more? No, I think it’s almost. Perhaps. Who knows? Can I go obscure on your asses? Please say I can. Well, one of the reasons I love this so is that it reminds me beautifully of my former Canadian sweethearts The Diskettes (who once played a gig in our living room, the same week Isaac was born) and anything that reminds me of my former… oh wait, you get the idea.

That’s quite absurd, actually. One uses guitars, a stuttering beat and a female voice, and hails from Norway. The other sounds like a doo wop Beat Happening and, as already has been noted, is Canadian. Whatever.

Here’s the song.

Oh boy. Here I was thinking I was writing about a band entirely unfamiliar to me, and then I note from the MySpace page that I (sort of) share a record label with them. Sigh. Sometimes I think I know too much.

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