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Song of the day – 120: Afrirampo

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Ah, bugger it all.

I reported on the news of this incredible Japanese noise-pop duo’s split a few days back, and posted this video up then. But then I started worrying that some of you fine people might not have watched this video yet, and that really bothered me – the same way if I see a copy of the first Raincoats single for under two quid I still have to pick it up, despite owning it several times already. So here’s the video for you all again. And just pray that whatever bands or solo projects Oni and Pika do in the future are even one-hundredth as illuminating as Afrirampo were. We put them on the front of Plan B Magazine on the basis of just one live show (having heard no recordings), you know. That’s all we needed.

The photo at the top is actually my college computer’s desktop background.

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