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Song of the day – 103: Roger Miller

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Isaac’s been a little under the weather, watching the “missing” Disney film, 1975’s Robin Hood all morning.

I’m not sure I appreciate the artwork or the storyline particularly, and the whole caboodle is clearly sub-Jungle Book – but man alive, some of the music is great, particularly the inspired choice of Roger Miller as singing storyteller, the cock Alan-A-Dale. Plus, the easy-going rapport between a fine selection of actors doing the voice-overs (Terry-Thomas, Brian Bedford, Peter Ustinov, the incomparable Phil Harris as Baloo the Bear… I mean Little John) lifts this above its otherwise mundane framing.

Anyway, this particular song is great.

One Response to Song of the day – 103: Roger Miller

  1. EverettTrue July 18, 2010 at 9:26 am

    (from Facebook)

    Jodi Biddle
    Dammit now I want to watch this, and I have the theme song bouncing around in my head.
    Tuesday at 19:57 · Like ·

    Everett True
    i think it’s all on YouTube actually
    Tuesday at 20:04 · Like ·

    Jodi Biddle
    EXCELLENT. My boyfriend is very mad at you right now.
    Tuesday at 20:09 · Like ·
    JUNE 17, 2010 11:22 AM

    (from Facebook)

    Roddy Thomson, Matt Brown and Bill Cerise-Bullock like this.

    Bill Cerise-Bullock
    That was my favorite Disney movie as a kid and the music is truly fantastic. So many light years ahead of the sacharinne Tim Rice / Elton John stuff that came later.
    Yesterday at 08:45 · Like ·

    Matt Brown
    It was my first Disney film, and the one I judged all others by. “Not In Nottingham” is still a favorite of mine.
    Yesterday at 08:48 · Like ·

    Bill Cerise-Bullock
    And Peter Ustinov as Prince John is one of the funniest performances ever in a cartoon. After watching “The Lion In Winter” it’s even funnier. “Mother always did like Richard best!”
    Yesterday at 08:56 · Like ·

    Roddy Thomson
    I really liked the opening music on Disney’s Robin Hood. It had whistiling, no? And you can’t beat a bit of Roger Miller. Dang!
    Yesterday at 09:05 · Like ·

    Tony Mazzocco
    Didnt he used to play for Cameroon?
    Yesterday at 11:11 · Like ·

    Donald Campbell
    Ah, I remember when I heard the White Stripes’ Hotel Yorba for the first time, I was 100% dead certain that the song had been in the disney peter pan film, until I did a little maths…
    2 hours ago · Like ·

    Donald Campbell
    sorry, I meant the disney robin hood with the fox and all…
    2 hours ago · Like ·
    JUNE 17, 2010 11:23 AM

    (from Facebook)

    Brett Hartenbach likes this.

    Blair Hughes
    He also scored 4 goals in the 1990 world cup!
    Yesterday at 21:47 · Like ·

    Emily Sloman
    “I’m inclined to believe if we were so down we’d up and leave-
    We’d up and fly if we had wings for flyin’
    Can’t you see the tears we’re cryin’?”
    11 hours ago · Like ·

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