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six femme-pop recommendations from Tamsin

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The Motifs in Polyester

The Motifs
Australian! (but from Melbourne), cute.

Oh yes. Definitely Australian. You can hear the melancholy and sunniness of my femme-pop sweethearts Allo Darlin’ within the grooves of the first song linked above, and the second song is all short and sweet and saddened like autumn should be. I mean, you could argue Belle And Sebastian here, but that’s too imprecise a comparison point for me. Be interested to hear their album. Be very interested indeed.

Agatha & The Christies
If you still lived in Brighton, I’ve a feeling this lot would be your favourite Brighton band: 3 girls, 1 boy. Incredibly understated garage. Old skool cool.

Well. The first video is recorded at my favourite Brighton venue (the Prince Albert), so a thousand old skool cool points for that. And the sound is all febrile menace, old skool garage rawness and distant thunder and anticipation. The edge is implicit. You’re never sure what might happen next but I wanna hear what happens next.

But there’s also this lot, who are nu skool cool. Girl drummer/screamer/boy keyboard noise. An infernal row.

Ah yes. Peepholes. Here’s what I wrote before. “Another two-person Wall of Noise. Melodies, tunes, drum sticks… all ricochet past in a frenzy of mating and keyboards and blurred photography. Polka-dot paper bags are worn on heads. All is as it should be.”  Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Hope you love ’em x

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