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 Mike Turner

Single Of The Week: Four Eyes – Towards The End Of Cosmic Loneliness EP (Puzzle Pieces)

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by Mike Turner

Duh duh duh duhnuh dun nuh nuh nuh da da da da da da danah na na nah NO ONE’S TO BLAME … ONCE EVERY ARGUMENT HAS ENDED IT’S THE SAME.

So simple and so direct in a way that you can only get coming from a youthful voice. Four Eyes wrap up everything it is to be young and free, trapped and alone, cash-poor but rich in friends, confident and still scared. Four Eyes are the mix-tape that takes you from living with the parents to that first time away from home, from spending your afternoons riding in the back of a friend’s truck shooting bottle rockets at people’s houses to that crappy gas station job, from that first time holding hands at that party to the double heartbreak of losing that someone to one of your friends, from having the world in your grasp to wondering if you or it even matters.

Four Eyes don’t claim any of this, but if you are young then prepare for the anthems that will be your senior year, and if you are older then those times are over and this will be a sad reminder for you. I doubt the three kids that make up Four Eyes even know how well they capture any of these things. I’m sure it’s just three guys who get together and do what it is they love doing, playing to their friends in Somerville, Massachusetts and hanging out being young and free. “I FINALLY FOUND MY VOICE AS IT ALL CRASHED DOWN, I HAD TO SCREAM JUST TO BE FOUND.” Kevin Seconds, Lou Barlow, Mac McCaughan or Ian MacKaye couldn’t have summed it up any better.


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