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Single Of The Week: Bam! Bam! – Let It Go (self-released)

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Bam! Bam! - Let It Go

By Mike Turner

Bam! Bam! are a couple of Oakland scrumpers sent here to take our apple-sized rock’n’roll hearts. Don’t be fooled, they will devour you one bite at a time till you’re only a bit of core left with traces of skin and stem, simple debris left for the birds and mice then tossed aside in the gutters to rot away. It’s in their titles: ‘Why I Had To Go’, ‘Hi Fi Widow’, ‘I Get Lonesome’. Broken, beaten, bruised and battered, the marks might be hidden but it’s there for all to see.

Get the fuck out of our heads already with this chaotic whimsy of parting your hair to the other side, tantrums of a five year old, or wearing two different colors of chucks at the same time. Bam! Bam! belongs to everyone, but can be controlled by no one. This may not last forever, it could be gone in a fraction of a second, but the truth is the record is right here and now is the time to fall all over again. Just be warned before you jump in the title of this EP is ‘Let It Go’, and they mean it.


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