Rihanna and the case of the sexual no-no’s

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Firstly, something good…

I love the Perez dog walking scene. I know it’s the one that has gotten the most publicity but I think it’s fun. She’s fully dressed, even supporting Sun Safety by wearing a hat, and Perez looks adorably happy and puppy-like as he pretends to relieve himself. The bright colour palate adds to cuteness of it and it feels more like a candy-toned pay time than a sexual attack. I suppose we could argue that Rihanna shouldn’t be smoking. Bad Rihanna – no treat for you!

But the tied-up scene, with a Lolita-esque Rihanna writhing on the floor, thick chords binding every limb, is bad. I can’t really say what about this bugs me, it’s not like it’s anywhere near as revealing or as overtly sexual as some of her other clips. Maybe it’s the thought of Rihanna pretending to be a little girl, or maybe the thought of Rihanna AS a little girl. Overall, in a society that is convinced everyone around them is a paedophile or rapists – something that suggests the binding of young-looking or underage children probably isn’t a good move. Sexy leather-bound dominatrix yes, tantrum-ing Lolita no.

Good – The critique of the mass media. As a journalist I get a lot of flak. People tend to see us as scandal-driven sensationalist vultures, and sometimes we are. I certainly think those involved in the celebrity side of reporting have a tendency to snowball ideas and print often completely outrageous and incorrect facts – all in the name of a good scoop. This probably isn’t helped by those in PR, who seem to go out of their way to have their clients viewed in the worst possible way, all because sex sells. So I like that Rihanna has actually stepped away from the stripping pole (even if just for a few seconds) and taken a stab at reporters and the general mass media.

Bad – Rihanna seductively eating a banana. Although still nowhere near as risqué as Kathy Perry shooting whipped cream out of her chest, one could argue her banana-eating skills would be more suited to a different medium.

Good – The tune. Not bad Rihanna, of course we can’t actually credit you with the song or the music, but it’s definitely worth a mention. It’s got that catchy repetitiveness that gets the song stuck in your head, a dark enough sounding bass track, and it’s a little bit electric. Overall, nothing original, but a combination that has always worked for mass-produced pop music, and will continue to do so. So well done Ri-Ri.

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