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 Logan K. Young

PRETZEL LOGIC Nos. 8-13 “feedtime reunion edition”

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by Logan K. Young

“feedtime changed my life,” and hardcore dude will tell you – fallaciously.

To wit, dear Rikki, I’ve taken to the Organon replete with footers to show that these ignoratio elenchi regarding their upcoming one-off are indeed red herrings.


Butch Vig produced their last record. And he’s Garbage.

feedtime fallacy no. viii

argumentum ad hominem 8


rick: “since we came all this way, perhaps we should play a few more shows while we’re here.”

allen: “shut your frackin’ trap, or we’ll leave you in the Tenderloin!”

feedtime fallacy no. ix

argumentum ad baculum 9


11 pre-sale ticket holders can’t be wrong.

feedtime fallacy no. x

argumentum ad populum 10


AmRep put out Billy, without tom, so they must still be good.

feedtime fallacy no. xi

argumentum ad verecundiam 11


how could you spend all that money flying out to San Fran just to see them live, when there are starving Congo children who’ve never even heard Cooper-S … much less Shovel?

feedtime fallacy no. xii:

argumentum ad misericordiam 12


no evidence of foul play – or selling out – was found on the scene.

feedtime fallacy no. xiii:

argumentum ad ignorantiam 13


feedtime footnotes:

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