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Pop vs Rock

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Girls Aloud sexy

Girls Aloud – Something Kinda Oooh


Front 242 – Headhunter

That Girls Aloud track was pure EBM probably went unnoticed because no bugger has listened to EBM since about 1989 anyway.

Lindsay Lohan – To Know Your Name


Nine Inch Nails – Closer [NSFW]

Do you think that someone on LiLo’s team was a Reznor fan? Or were they just confident that nobody would be paying attention? Pandora picked this up for me based on the actual sounds in the actual song. I would never have heard it otherwise because, well, it’s Lindsay Lohan.

Sugababes – Round Round


Danielle Dax – Hollow Man

I still don’t know why Danielle Dax wasn’t a huge pop star to start with, so that probably undermines my point.

You get the idea. It’s like that ‘My Sweet Lord’ thingy that ET was banging on about the other week. Genre names can be useful to introduce you to songs you might not otherwise hear, but when you find yourself avoiding songs based on a genre tag even when they sound like other songs that you like, well, that’s just bloody stupid.

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2 Responses to Pop vs Rock

  1. Erika January 17, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Hi Princess, I agree. A couple things become clear to me over the course of the “pop” discussion, one being that “pop” is viewed differently by different groups.

    It would never occur to me to contrast “pop” with “credible” art. Concepts of “authenticity” and “credibility” seem very subjective to me. At first, when Wallace spoke of “pop,” what came into my head was blatantly, crassly commercial music, music that is all about the bottom line, nothing more. The I realized that others were talking about it, oh, more like the wikipedia definition of pop. Eclectic, hooks, professionalism, etc.

    When I came down on the side of rock against pop, that was me drawing a line and saying that rock (by which I meant a rawer, more underground music) was preferable to pop because (in my mind) rock did not make the same demands on superficial things like appearance and earning potential as pop does. In my mind, anyway, rock won’t write you off for being a misfit or loser. This is obviously my own fantasy. My own definition of rock, and my own definition of pop; definitions which have almost NOTHING at all to do with the way the music SOUNDS, and which may have nothing to do with anyone else’s definitions either.

  2. Princess Stomper January 19, 2012 at 6:57 am

    Agreed. Some of the time, pop is less complex and challenging than rock – but then there’s the Wall of Sound, etc

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