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[This is a show I most thoroughly recommend. Although I would hasten to add that Brisbane’s The Lost Domain are far fucking superior to any of the bands mentioned in the “press release” below written by the good Tom Hall wearing one of his many hats. This one is marked somewhere ‘publicity’ … right there: you can see it next to the photograph of the three dozen fly-posted lampposts. I sometimes perform on stage with a couple of The Lost Domain. But you shouldn’t let that put you off. I promise I won’t go within 30 feet of the stage – Ed.]

If youʼve lived in Brisbane for some time the chances are youʼve walked passed them, stood beside them at a gig, frowned upon them and maybe even been taught by one of them. Theyʼre ʻmiddle agedʼ and vary from seminal Brisbane graffiti artists to school teachers and beyond.

They are THE LOST DOMAIN ! !

To celebrate theyʼre having the 20th anniversary show to end all shows at Brisbane DIY venue BURST CITY on SATURDAY OCTOBER 30th

Formed in 1990 in Brisbane, Australia, they’ve been confusing people ever since. There’s a strong undertow of archaic blues/pre-blues throughout all of THE LOST DOMAINʼs work, but exactly how that manifests is varied with them gradually taking on board all sorts of other influences…particularly jazz, in the last decade.

Since their very belated access to international audiences over the last few years, theyʼve been compared with the No Neck Blues Band & Jackie-O Motherfucker… albeit certainly not “influenced” by them, since they predate those particular outfits.

Over the years theyʼve played with and supported high class international acts such as Jandek, Animal Collective, SunnO))) and pretty much everyone else in Brisbane at one time or another.

THE LOST DOMAIN are made up of David Mac Kinnon (aka John Henry Calvinist), Simon Ellaby (aka Ragtime Frank), Greg Hilliard (aka Papa Lord God), Leighton Craig (aka L Tone), and Eugene Carchesio (aka Mr E) as their core line-up, and also longest-standing, historically speaking.

On the night they will be joined by The Lost Domain BBQ Band And Drum Corps consisting of Professor Jefferey Wegener (The Saints, The Laughing Clowns), Ian Wadley (Minimum Chips, Small World Experience), Andrew Leavold (Mr Bastard, Trash Video, Stumpy Magazine), and the wonderful Bettina Graham (Tripod, Noose).

WHO: The Lost D0main
WHEN: Saturday 30 October
WHERE: Burst City, South Bank (opposite the Dinosaur Park), East Brisbane.

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