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 Everett True

You write to make an impact: A tribute to Steven Wells (re-post)

Engage, argue, inform, irritate … but above all entertain.

 Everett True

15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 13.05.11 – 21.05.11

Let’s get leotarded, shall we?

 Everett True

An open question to Brisbane

Do I have to suspend critical judgment if I’m dealing with anything local (or even national)?

 Everett True

Song of the day – 339: Boney M (and a musing on youth)

This music seemed so unreal, so glitzy and mainstream and safe when compared to the music we chose to listen to

 Everett True

addenda to ‘how to get featured on a music website’

We LOVE bribes here at Collapse Board, the more straightforward (i.e. cash) the better.

 Everett True

the mix-tape nobody wants

This mix-tape was compiled for another website, who were going to run a feature on Collapse Board. The feature didn’t run. So here I am now, with the mix-tape nobody wants.  The original idea was that to put them all up on SoundCloud, but I can’t be fussed with that, so you can find a […]

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stealing music – the conversation

As audiences become less important to artists, it’s corporate sponsorship which is already filling the gap.

 Everett True

It’s OK. Pop music isn’t broken.

This talk of reverence and inheritance worries me. The idea that you should shut the fuck up because your progenitors haven’t yet been accorded their rightful due is so damn paralysing.

 Princess Stomper

Princess Stomper deconstructs the Art of the Pop Song

The rhythms are hugely complex in how they build up and break down. It’s these wave-like swells and drops that dictate how your body is going to move on the dancefloor. For the brainless dancefloor filler, structure is everything.

 Everett True

notes for a lecture to QUT creative non-fiction students

Don’t let anyone ever browbeat you into thinking music criticism is dull, or reviewing a band is a chore. you think that? get the fuck out of writing about music.