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 Hannah Golightly

Novel music or better off as a character in a novel about trash munching in America? You tell me.

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So anyway, back to the real world.

As someone who knows the frustrations of hanging around waiting to form a band when all the musicians in your area want to sound like the flippin Arctic Monkeys or Beady Eye or other such bores … I have a lot of admiration for tUnE-yArDs – literal DIY because it’s DI all Y with no help. I haven’t myself so far bought a loop pedal and I don’t intend to because the results can be hard to swallow. But I do recommend the music of tUnE-yArDs to musicians and not to listeners. A bit of an odd idea? Why? Most music is all about entertainment on some level so the one area that hasn’t yet been over-run with ideas and rehashes would be music that’s sole purpose is to inspire other musicians – like a raw elemental ingredient… tUnE-yArDs I believe has a firmer place in the land of Inspiration and Muse than in the Land of Friday Nights Out or Sunday Mornings in bed with a lover. She has inspired me to do some creative writing, simply because I wanted to read about her.

And all this while, I have been listening away to her MySpace selection and I think though on one level I dislike aspects of it, and on another level I am charmed by the tunes, I cannot say that my mind hasn’t been expanded by the experience. I wonder if this is the same for everyone else. Only one way to know for sure. I am about to press STOP now and carry on with my life, possibly with another perspective, we’ll see. In fact, I think I’ve had enough of it … it’s a bit like jumping into someone else’s neuroses, listening to such layered solo multi-instrumentalist work. I have enough thoughts in my own mind for one person … but if you are curious about another person’s hidden inner world, you could do worse than tUnE-yArDs. And possibly better.

You tell me.

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