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 Everett True

NME | the brand | needs a new brand | leader | a brief comment

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Florence And The Machine NME Awards

This here is a comment from the NME‘s publishing director Emily Hutchings, about the fact the NME‘s editor Krissi Murison is set to leave the title:

Everyone at NME is obviously sad to see a talent like Krissi go but due to her great achievements while working as editor she leaves NME in great health and the brand is stronger than ever. [Source: The Guardian]

Brand? BRAND?!! It’s a motherfucking music paper, you corporate assholes. Bangs wept, and they wonder why its sales are down, year on year.

Give it to me, you myopic pricks. We’d blaze a trail so brief and so glorious people’d be talking about it for decades to come.

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