News exclusive | Brisbane supergroup to reform?

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deadnotes at deadshits

By the Collapse Board editors

The storm-battered city of Brisbane QLD had a welcome respite last night, with the news that one of its most beloved bands might be on the verge of reforming after three of its ex-members consented to be photographed together at a recent gig.

In the photograph (see above), curmudgeonly music critic Everett True (aka “The Legend!”) (right) can clearly be seen to be enjoying a mineral water with former Deadnotes Sandra Selig and Stuart ‘sweet lips’ Busby.

Said visual artist Selig (left): “Well, this photographer just came up to us and asked if we minded having our picture taken together. It seemed rude to say no, so we agreed.”

Her deprecating explanation hasn’t stopped excited members of the public from speculating that a Deadnotes + The Legend! revival might be on the cards and imminent, however – and perhaps featuring some special guests.

Said one source (age 30): “Well, I hear that Everett recently went into the studio with John Willsteed (former Go-Betweens bassist) so perhaps The Go-Betweens are planning on reforming, with Everett filling the role of Grant McLennan?”

This would be exciting news indeed. If it was true.

Added the staff writer source: “I hear the drummer from Wolfmother is looking for a job.”

To which we here at Collapse Board can only say, “Wow!”

True, meanwhile, remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped.

A  staff writer spokesman later confirmed that True had indeed been in the studio with Willstead recently, after Willsteed was asked to come along to “jam with some mates”.

The former Go-Between suggested they “just make something up” and found himself playing with True on vocals, drummer Scotty Regan and guitarist Edward Googlehands, who once supported The Deadnotes with his band The Thin Kids.

The Deadnotes imploded in April 2011.

A disinterested onlooker said: “I didn’t really know who they were. They are saying how good it is to be back together. I said: ‘Whoa? You guys haven’t played together for all that time?’

“And somebody whispered to me: ‘That’s The Deadnotes. And you’re a Cunt.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Founder member of The Deadnotes, Leighton ‘The King’ Craig could later be seen at the same gig, beating his head repeatedly against a wall.

Visual artist Eugene ‘ius’ Carchesio was unavailable for comment.

• This article was amended on 1 February 2013 – the original claimed that Selig, Busby and True hadn’t played together for 200 years

• Photography courtesy of Four Thousand

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