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 Jodi Biddle

mood swings (The Bawdies)

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The Bawdies
Just Be Cool (Victor Entertainment)

One of my best friends fucked off to Japan and left me stranded here; missing him is like a hole in my guts. So when I get a package in the mail with his pedantic handwriting all over it I get so excited I can’t contain myself. It’s a birthday present; a CD of these Japanese boys who look like 12-year-olds and sound like hardened criminals. Everything I ever loved about rock and roll is rolled up in a tiny adorable hipster suit and plays guitar like a complete motherfucker. I could die right now and it wouldn’t be so bad.

Cymbals crash and

crash and wolfish promises of broken English remind me to be cool

and I don’t remember what I was thinking but

this song is great.

The Bawdies are the antithesis of angry. They are the reason I have to segment my music into such thorough playlists. I stuff my earphones in, lay down and try to listen to angry things when BAM. Happy/crazy/loud/jangling/growling Japanese boys explode into my brain and jolt me out of my fug. This isn’t angry music. Don’t listen to this song if you don’t want to be happy.

Sunday Afternoon
I’m baking sugar cinnamon cookies and the French windows are pulled open and the afternoon breeze is warm on my cheeks and my mother asks me what’s playing and I tell her it’s The Bawdies. Blair gave me their CD, I explain. Do you like it? The kitchen is starting to smell sweet and ‘Just Be Cool’ is racketing about the room dragging my feet and hips to bouncing circles. I dance around and she smiles at that. Well? I say. I hate them, she says. But she’s still smiling.

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