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Lisa Carver, Truman Capote, my therapist and me – An Odd Future Conversation

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by Joseph Kyle

A conversation with Lisa Carver

Lisa: Hellllloooooo Joseph!

Hi Lisa!

You don’t have nearly the Texas accent I thought you would!

I work at it.

(Laughs) I work at not having a New England accent, too.

My lack of accent used to get me beaten up. When I went to California, all people would say was how deep my accent was but I never thought of that. I grew up in a deeply Southern area and didn’t have an accent, then I went to California and everybody thought I did.

It’s funny, when I moved to California. they wrote “Cava” as my last name on my student ID, and that’s when I got rid of my accent. You got beat up for not having an accent?

Ummmm … I don’t think it was just the lack of an accent, I think it was the total persona that did it.

Oh, you didn’t have enough of the attitude that was correct.

Oh, I was a little punk-rocker, so I had an attitude, but you didn’t have purple and pink and orange hair in the late 80s in East Texas. Now I didn’t get into any actual physical fights, but I did have to take a lot of torment.

So you were around Houston? I thought areas around, like, Austin or so were a bit more liberal.

Oh, no, I was in a small town in East Texas of about 7,000 people. Here’s a good point of reference; ever seen Dazed And Confused? That’s set in the same area. I had an opportunity to try out for an extra in the film but I didn’t do it.

(We talk about some other stuff that is NOYB, nosy!)

So what did you think about the Tyler, The Creator review I posted on your Facebook?

I hated it!


Because, for one thing, I think that people should not be forced to review something that doesn’t really interest them. It’s OK if you hate something, but this reviewer seemed really disconnected and bored by it and I don’t want to hear about it. (Laughs) If they loved it or they hated it, that would be fine. But it’s just so hypocritical to me to say, “Oh, I don’t like this because it’s violent and has sexist imagery in it”, and then turn around and say, in real life, not in an album or making a statement, but saying in real life, cut this man’s penis off, this real man! Not only does this harm the guy – I don’t think anyone would take him up on it – but what about the biter? I mean, she’s gonna go to prison, and one he dies, he hemorrhages, he dies! Then what? (Laughs)

To defend Kelly a little bit – and I’m not into defending people; she’s a big girl, she made her choice in writing that – but I don’t think Everett’s into assigning people things; he lets people write what they want to write.

Oh, so she chose to write that, then? (confirms) Really? Is he a friend of yours, this Everett?

Vaguely, I met him on Facebook. You know him! Remember your conversation with Courtney Love? (Lisa confirms) Let’s just say that Everett, he’s no longer the King of England, but he’s the King of Australia!

OHHHHHH! (Laughs) You’re talking about Everett True? Ohhhhhh OK!

He’s cool, if you have a passion for music and can write about it, he’ll let you share your voice. He lets you do what you want, as long as it’s good.

Well, that review, it was certainly polarizing, so it did what it set out to do!

There’s a live review that the reviewer wasn’t actually at, too.

Oh! That’s interesting.

It brings me back to the question of – the problem I have with Odd Future is Tyler, The Creator. He’s different than, say Eminem or NWA, people who make a persona, because he’s going on stage and going on Twitter, and saying that stuff, too.

Well, maybe he IS a dick! (Laughs) Well, see, maybe that’s part of his showmanship. For some people, your act doesn’t stop when the recording booth goes out. Your showmanship is your whole persona. Bob Dylan, he changed his name, his history, his accent, as part of who he is.

(At this point, Lisa asks if we can continue this conversation in the near future)

Lisa: I would like to bite your opinion, though!

Well, you know, it’s interesting, I posted the Kanye West video for ‘Monster’, and I find it odd because I like that video, which strikes me as funny, because, really, what’s the difference between what Tyler, The Creator says, and what Kayne did?

Oh, there are tons of differences! First of all, Kanye is actually working with women, and I don’t see that in any Tyler, The Creator music, and I can’t imagine that working. I don’t find Kanye West to be all that offensive, too. He’s got a high opinion of himself, but it doesn’t seem like he has a low opinion of women. It’s just that he is sooooooo grey in that area! (Laughs)

I think Kelly did have a point – hip-hop is going for shock value. The reason I like that video is that it all fantasy; I mean, personally I don’t think you can be mainstream AND transgressive at the same time.

Really? Why do you say that.

Well, transgressivism is meant to shock and offend, and if you are reaching millions of people, and they accept you for what you do, and love you, then how are you offending?

Hmm … interesting. I love the powerful women at the end of the video!

I know, right! Amazing that it’s both Nicki Minaj! And the pink persona totally reminded me of Darcy!

Totally! I didn’t realize it was the same person until you told me! (Giggles) I giggle when I get aggressive and cantankerous.

Aw, how could you possibly be aggressive and cantankerous? You are all sweetness and light..

Oh, trust me, I will be! (long, loud giggle)

You tryin’ to warn me about something?

It isn’t a warning, it’s a promise! (Giggles)

I was happy with this conversation. It went as well as I expected it to be. That night, after taking a Tylenol PM, I closed my eyes to sleep … perchance, to dream …

(continues overleaf)

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