“I grew up in an alternate dimension where Nirvana didn’t exist”

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Scaterd Few “Kill The Sarx” (from the Sin Disease LP, Alarma Records)

In a just universe, this record would be a punk rock classic. Scaterd Few toured with Bad Brains, and rightly so. The punk-metal-reggae connection is there. But this record is not a Bad Brains ripoff. It is, however, a dizzying record that threatens to liquefy the brain like Lye soap when introduced through the ear canal.

I am going to quote J. Edward Keyes again. I am quoting him for a reason, in fact. He used to write Christian music reviews because he used to be a Christian. He is an atheist now, but even as someone who no longer believes, he recognizes that there were bombproof records even in the Christian industry. Keyes is a world-class writer, a music fanatic, and someone whose opinion I respect 100% when it comes to music.

Sin Disease gets a 4.5 star review in his All Music Guide write-up. His description? “Merciless, brutal, neurotic, Tourettic, and consistently stunning, Scaterd Few‘s debut didn’t push the boundaries of rock – it annihilated them.” I could not agree more.


Everett, I hope you’ve heard something new today. I hope I’ve shown you something, just as you showed me wonders heretofore untold in your illuminating Nirvana biography. The world needs more people who are as rabid about music as you are, and I thank you again for your contributions to the field of music journalism. You remain The Legend!

Most Sincerely,

Chad Thomas Johnston

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