“I grew up in an alternate dimension where Nirvana didn’t exist”

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Starflyer 59 “A Housewife Love Song” (from the Gold LP, Tooth And Nail Records)

Starflyer 59 (known to its fans as SF59) began as a shoegazer outfit – the first of its kind in Christian indie-music history, or “Chrindie” history, as author Joel Heng Hartse puts it in his book Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll.

This particular song is from the band’s second outing, Gold, in which SF59 frontman Jason Martin decides to marry his syrupy shoegazer music to the sludgy stylings of Black Sabbath. The flat snare drums are an intentional homage to the 70s, and guitars hang black and billowy overhead, like smoke in a house on fire. The result? A dreamy dirge, and an ode to domesticity.

Everett, notice the words “Ever True” on the dishcloth near the beginning of this video. Loving tribute or mere coincidence? [A bunch of Rolling Stone journalists formed a band called Ever True in the mid-90s in ‘homage’ to my oeuvre. It was supposed to be a piss-take, but they quickly stopped when they realised I liked the idea – Ed]

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