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holy crap. it’s the new Lady Gaga video.

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My attention was drawn to this by a CB contributor who wondered if I too had spotted the similarities between ‘Born This Way’ and Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Go on. I defy you to actually get as far as watching the Madonna video. (That’s the link just there. I would have embedded it, but those despotic wastrels in charge of Warners have decided Australians shouldn’t be allowed to see it. Cunt bubbles.) James fucking Cameron has nothing on this lady: grandiloquent screen gestures that say nothing, shock and awe, sentimentality dressed up as state-of-the-state technology, birthing scenes that would make all but the most hardened midwife sign an immediate clause banning all future propagation of the species… I was going to add ‘pseudo-religious imagery’ but, uh, isn’t all religion pseudo? There’s nothing like a three-minute spoken word intro to set the blood racing. There’s nothing like a space-birth scene to really get those dance muscles pumping.

No, you don’t understand. I approve. I APPROVE. If you’re going to make a music video, make a fucking music video: not just more demure cheerleaders waving demure pom-poms around demure indie boys playing watered-down Franz Ferdinand. (I blame Nirvana, myself.) See, for example, THIS! (Uh, that’s not the full video, just the full 11-minute song. There is a full video. But it’s not been posted on YouTube. C’est la vie.)

I kinda prefer the lyrical content of the Madonna song to the asinine chorus on the Lady Gaga song – that whole self-consciously hip-to-the-masses-idea-of-conventionally-shocking, “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen” statue: there again, aren’t all the best choruses semi-moronic? Ask Bob Dylan. Aside from that, I have no preference. I enjoy both songs, but wish Gaga would cut back a little on the Cameron quotient in her videos despite everything I just said above. I dunno. I kind of thought that one with Beyoncé was fucking cool.

She was just born this way.

Well, that’s nice. That’s real, real nice. Even if, of course, part of her entire attraction is that she wasn’t.

4 Responses to holy crap. it’s the new Lady Gaga video.

  1. Everett True March 1, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    (from Facebook)
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    Neil Griffin
    the art direction is superlative – the initial birth-in-space scenes esp. but i think (as you hinted) there’s something problematic about gaga hymning authenticity – nature over nurture – when she’s such a hyperactive, forward-facing changeling herself…
    i know it’s meant to be a pride thing, whether orientation / race / whatever, but flat determinism seems almost defensive. i suspect there was a point in her life where she reacted against her childhood / surroundings, and it was this free act which came to define her.
    so: ‘reborn this way’ would have been a better title..?

    Everett True
    did you see this? http://www.collapseboard.com/lady-gaga-thinks-homosexuality-is-perverted

    Neil Griffin
    yeah, it sat uneasily with me. haven’t examined why.
    i’m not attacking gaga – though i’ve largely been unmoved by most of her actual music (except ‘bad romance’, obvs) – i just think this song’s a bit of a muddle which might not achieve what she wants ’cause of the context of who’s singing it.
    i mean, she even calls her fans ‘monsters’ – but i’ve always thought that was supposed to be self-made frankensteins… what wd a born monster be? a freak of nature? that doesn’t really seem wise if you’re then going to transpose it to personal politics.

    Vivienne Elisabeth Breton
    I was Made This Way

    Neil Griffin
    hmm… maybe, yes.

    Veronika Grohl

    Simon Fernandez
    Yeah, I was talking about multiverses a year ago. Catch Up.

    Trent Halliday
    You know what? I can’t even be bothered. Gaga has nothing sensible say. She’s like a desperate 2nd year fine-art degree student given a swollen budget and a note pad with ‘list of faintly contemporary issues’ scribbled illegibly at the top. And she’d still get a 3rd.

  2. Wallace Wylie March 1, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    She was born this way. Straight, white, middle class, with an unquenchable desire for fame. I can’t even imagine how tough that is.

  3. Everett True March 2, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    (from Facebook)

    Kaf Canners Canoville
    Ugh, she makes my skin crawl! Like Madonna, lol.x

    Hannah Golightly
    good headline

    Christy P Gorman
    At least she can actually play a musical instrument.

    Hannah Golightly
    I love her by the way.

    Kaf Canners Canoville
    Horses for courses…one man’s meat and all that….ugh. She should marry Gok Wan and noth disappear into oblivion! Sorry….horses…x
    Never seen her play an instrument…unless it’s the music industry instrument ;)….oh-oh…better shut up, Kaf!!x

    Christy P Gorman
    We’re told that she started out in some kind of burlesque/cabaret type revivalist scene in New York. A publicists yarn perhaps?.. Who knows? I do know she can play the piano tho cos I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I do believe she’s a lyricist too.

    Lucy Gulland
    She puts on an awesome show. She makes fantastically slick and catchy pop music. She stirs shit up. Doesn’t mean she is straightforwardly likeable or admirable, but then who ever has been, who’s done anything as compelling, remarkable or as out-of-the-ordinary as she has? (Bad Romance and Paparazzi are THE best singalong late night driving poppity pop EVER.)

    Wallace Wylie
    You know, I’ve tried my best to show the emptiness at the the heart of all things Gaga elsewhere, so I’ll just link to one of my blog pieces. A friend had asked me why I thought her music was so bad and as usual I couldn’t stop typing. It goes on for a bit as I do a mini-exploration of disco and dance music. If you can handle it, have a look: http://wallacewylie.blogspot.com/2010/10/oopsi-did-it-again-motown-warhol-and.html

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