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Good Band, Bad Band.

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Guess which category Yves Klein Blue fall under

A good band quit school and moved out of home to tour at age 15.

A bad band played the high school graduation day to parents, students and teachers alike.

A good band divides its critics, some love them, some hate them, no one sits in the middle.

A bad band gets three starts for everything, it’s a pretty good band.

A good band are all on unemployment and/or work really bad day-jobs.

A bad band all have full-time jobs in the music industry.

A good band plays locally very rarely.

A bad band jumps on every bill they are offered, and you can see them every other weekend.

A good band has its off days, and plays awful sets that alienate the audience.

A bad band plays the same set every time, perfectly.

A good band has played more gigs outside of their hometown than locally.

A bad band only tours when they release a new something.

A good band sells albums, builds a mailing list without trying or asking.

A bad band has someone float around after the gig demanding money and emails.

A good band has a huge amount of ambition and aren’t afraid to admit it.

A bad band has no ambition, or pretends to have no ambition, and are just in it for the music (bullshit).

A good band met while doing a liberal arts degree.

A bad band met while doing a music degree.

A good band is aware of the local music history.

A bad band is only aware of the indie top 40.

A good band has at least two members that hate each other’s guts.

A bad band met in junior school, and they are all the best of friends.

A good band likes Nirvana, Ramones and The Clash.

A bad band likes Radiohead, Coldplay and Queen.

A good band would dismiss this whole list as industry bullshit.

A bad band would take it to heart and make adjustments accordingly.

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